Customs update from 09/15/2020 to 10/01/2020

Good evening dear clients, today’s exchange rate for clearances is: $22.3598 MXN

We inform you that the authority published the following:

1.- Anti-dumping investigation has begun (in order to determine whether countervailing duties are imposed) on carbon and alloy steel slabs from Brazil and Russia, imported under tariff items 7207.12.99, 7207.20.99, 7224.90.02 y 7224.90.99 of the Tariff Rate of the Legislation of General Tax for Imports and Exports (TIGIE by its Spanish acronym). We will inform you as soon as a resolution is issued.

2.- Countervailing duties are imposed on imports of cold stainless steel sheets, from China and Taiwan, under tariff items 7219.34.01, 7219.35.01 and 7220.20.02 of the TIGIE and the remedy of the Eighth Rule by sections 9802.00.01, 9802.00.02, 9802.00.03, 9802.00.07, 9802.00.10, 9802.00.13 and 9802.00.19, or by any other:

a. of 0.63 USD per kilogram for all export companies from China.

b. of 0.61 USD per kilogram for HOKA and 0.05 USD per kilogram for YLSS.

3.- On October 1, the “compliance requirement of labeling before importation” came into effect, consequently the no NOM letter (to be exempted from labeling) can no longer be used. The alternatives are:

1.- Comply with labeling from origin (Request from your supplier to send the goods already labeled in compliance with the corresponding labeling NOM for your product(s), we can provide you with an example of the label, either adhered or sewn-in.

2.- Comply with labeling before importation (only for goods to which it applies), labeling upon arrival to our warehouse in the USA, upon arrival to the airport or to seaports.

3.- Hire the UVA (Labeling NOMS Verification Unit), we provide this service as follows:

a). – Request for service.

b). -Open a yearly service agreement with UVA, with a cost of $2,500.00 MXN plus VAT.

c). – We import without labeling, which obliges you to label in your company and, once you do so, we will take photographic evidence and issue the CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE; afterwards you will have your goods available for sale.

At HB Customs Clearance we are at your service for any consultancy!


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