Customs update from 10/20/2020 to 10/29/2020

Good evening dear clients, today’s exchange rate for clearances is: $20.8798 MXN
We inform you that the authority published the following:

General Rule of Foreign Trade (RGCE by its Spanish acronym) 1.3.3. Causes for suspension from registries: you will be withdrawn from the imports and sectoral registry, if you are registered in the sectoral registry of gold, silver, and copper exports, if you export copper waste and scrap in tariff items 74040001, 74040002 and 74040099, and if you do not comply to informing the authority on the industrial use of the goods to be exported, economic and technical activity that consists on transforming raw material and turn it into other products, as well as production processes that the goods to be exported go through.
Infringement for inaccurate data (Annex 19)

RGCE 3.7.25. In the existence of differences between the amounts declared in the import document against what is physically presented in the customs office or in verification powers, you will not be fined due to inaccurate data as long as:

I. When the customs authority finds differences between packages or bundles declared in the import document, and those informed to the authority, as long as the amount of goods declared on the import document coincides with the one from the shipment.
II. When the difference between the data related to the amount declared as a concept of contributions derives from arithmetical or typographical errors, as long as it does not cause injury to the fiscal interest.

But, when upon customs examination or the execution of powers of verification, the customs authority detects the omission or inaccurate data on the customs documents that cover the goods, there will be a sanction.

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