Customs update from 10/30/2020 to 11/5/2020:

Good evening dear clients, today’s exchange rate for clearances is: $21.1555 MXN

 We inform you that the authority published the following:

1.- The USA countervailing duty of 2.08 USD per kilogram imposed on imports of squared carbon steel wire galvanized mesh from China, that enter by tariff items 7314.19.02, 7314.19.03 and 7314.31.01, are kept for 5 more years.

2.- On November 10 of the year 2000, the authority determined a countervailing duty of 99.9% on the imports of seamless steel pipes from Japan, entered under tariff items: 7304.11.01, 7304.11.02, 7304.11.03, 7304.11.99, 7304.19.01, 7304.19.02, 7304.19.03, 7304.19.91, 7304.19.99, 7304.39.10, 7304.39.11, 7304.39.12, 7304.39.13, 7304.39.14, 7304.39.15, 7304.39.91, 7304.39.92, 7304.39.99, 7304.59.11, 7304.59.12, 7304.59.13, 7304.59.14, 7304.59.15, 7304.59.16, 7304.59.91, 7304.59.92 and 7304.59.99; today the authority begins a study to analyze whether that countervailing duty is canceled or kept for 5 more years; we will let you know as soon as there is a result from such study; meanwhile, the countervailing duty remains in force. 

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